Data Storytelling for Palestinian Rights: Visualizing Palestine’s Editorial Criteria

Visualizing Palestine’s community of Members makes it possible for us to tell data-led stories highlighting Palestinian human rights.

Generating Story Ideas

In eight years of work, the following practices have helped us develop our “nose” for a good story:

Prioritizing Stories: Editorial Criteria

Our long-list of stories is…well…long. How do we choose what to cover next? This is where our editorial criteria help us to prioritize.

Thinking Thematically

Some of our visuals are simpler to create than others, but most of the projects we pursue require significant research, conceptual ideation, and creative development over the course of months. We’ve learned that we can do more with our limited resources by thinking thematically and narratively, rather than treating each visual as a one-off output. When we think “10 topics equals 10 visuals”, we force ourselves to move quickly from one topic to the next, losing out on some of the richness and depth of the process. When we think “3 themes equals 10 or maybe 12 visuals”, we free ourselves to dive more deeply into research and ideation. We are not striving to be a content factory, but to create stories that make an impact.

Share Your Thoughts

Have an idea you think VP should visualize? We’re happy to hear from you and keep it in mind as we plan for the future. You can write to us at



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Visualizing Palestine

Visualizing Palestine

Visualizing Palestine is a project that creates data-led, visual stories to advance a factual, rights-based narrative of Palestine and Palestinians